Viber Download – Free and Revolutionary App with Unbelievable Features

Viber has been a fast growing chat medium that has obviously caused serious business worries for competitors.

It is a light and a versatile app that works well on your desktop and mobile device. It is also built with several exciting features meant to enrich user experience. Viber has been an alternative for many users who seek a change from the traditional market players such as Skype, Yahoo messenger and GTalk. Viber was launched with some exciting new revolutionary features such as cross platform access. Viber, like a few other chat apps started on the mobile platform and proceeded to conquer new territory on desktop PC.

Enrich Your Entertainment with Free Viber Features

Viber came on the scene at a time when few adventurous investors on the internet platform could dare launch a competition with the ‘big boys’. Yet the Viber idea came on the scene anyway. It was a major gamble, but, if the number of subscribers is anything to go by, it succeeded in a short period of time. By statistical argument, considering the nature of the business environment within which Viber launched, coupled with the fact that they managed to secure phenomenal numbers of subscribers in a relatively short period, it can be argued that Viber achievement rating supersedes what the traditional giants have managed.

The Smartphone Mania Factor

The success of Viber can also be associated, partly, with the proliferation of Smartphones. Viber gained a lot of attention from Smartphone users, thanks to its dedicated features that allowed Smartphone users to launch with minimal glitches, if any. The usability of mobile devices made Viber a seamless affair because it enables users to use the app in the oddest of places.

Viber on Desktop Computers

The smartphone euphoria has had its ripple on the technology market. However, like all other euphoria, no matter how powerful, they soon die away. Smartphones, tablets, phablets and iPhones have been on the lips of every communications technology freak over the past five years, or so. Consequently, software developers have been pre-occupied with inventing, developing and improving apps that can be used on the Android devices which constitute a significant number of smartphones on the market. Microsoft Corporation has followed suit with the development of apps with dedicated performance metrics to beat the competition on the mobile platform. They have kept their eyes close to the comparative performance rating that their Windows Phone has achieved.

The Reverse Gear to the Desktop by Free Chat Media

Like other progressive app developers, Viber soon realized that the race was to end with a return to the desktop module anyway. The desktop has maintained a calmness in the unfolding events. For some reason, even with all the versatility that the mobile devices have introduced on the market, the desktop has maintained an unbeatable relevance. Viber, consequently, launched the app for users on the desktop. The decision proved ingenious because Viber gained a whole new attraction from the chat maniacs. The desktop presents a seamless and unconstrained feature of what most apps have to offer. The desktop, for instance is your best bet for the crystal clear pictures and display of video you have always yearned for.

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