The Truth about Minecraft Xbox One Release Date

4J Studios is at it again.

They have planted another seed on the rumor farm yet again. This time, it’s about the updates for Xbox One. There is no clear word as to when the developers will release a new update for the popular game but they have given a rather vague indication that the release is not too far off.

Title Update 14

4J Studios is well known for its constant reviews of their games. They are said to be reconstructing up to four versions of the game currently. 4J Studios is renowned for their customer sensitivity. The support team is always actively involved in responding to user concerns on social media platforms. The hot update awaited by fans at the moment is the release of the TU14 for the Xbox One. According to a recent press release from the developers, the bug fixes and improvements on the TU14 are as good as done now. The fans should therefore expect a re-launch anytime. Such news is comforting for Xbox One fans because it means that the Xbox One updates are not too far off. The launch of the revised TU14 is assurance that the developer will have ample time to focus their energies on the development of updates for Xbox One.

Relating TU14 Re-launch And the Xbox One Updates

The chances of Xbox One updates are indeed boosted by the launch of the revised TU14. It has been said that the X86 algorithms is being used on the console. This is the same design and functionality platform used on Windows computer systems. The implication is that porting the game has been made much easier. The updates will also be easier to port on the X86 platforms. If the developer’s release schedule is anything to go by, you can expect the release date to be sooner than you think. The release dates usually come faster on the Microsoft platform compared to the PlayStation console.

A recent release by the company bears testimony this trend. For instance, the release of City Texture Pack for Xbox One was done some time back, yet it has not even been scheduled for the PS3 yet. Moreover, the game was launched for Xbox One last year and later featured on the Sony platform. There is justification therefore for 4J Studios to focus on releasing the update for Xbox one before doing it for PS4. The bottom-line however, is that 4J Studios needs to release the TU14 before users can have confidence in the scheduled release for Xbox One.

Sustaining Hope in the Release Date

There is consolation, given their persistent assertion that work on the TU14 is reduced significantly now. If what they say is true, then players should be expecting their Xbox One release coming this summer. However, you must be prepared to put on your patience cap. Obviously, there is still some work to be done to guarantee updates for Xbox One. The debugging work on the TU14 must, firstly, be completed and subsequent submission for certificate testing done.

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