The Sims 4 Has Confirmed Features but No Release Date Yet

While a group of fans are busy speculating features they wish to see in the title, the game developers have confirmed in their official website that the focus will be more on the emotional aspect of the characters.

The Sims 4 will be a personalized experience which will make the game more addictive and allow players to create characters that resemble their own emotions.

The GDC 2014 which is taking place at the moment will reveal more information on how the game developers are planning to promote concurrent emotional behavior and incorporate the idea into the game. They have shared in the official game developers’ conference website that it will be making the Sim characters capable of watching a television, talking to people in the room and showing emotions based on their conversations. Making virtual characters high on artificial intelligence is not an easy task but it will be made possible using the new game engine which Maxis has developed.

Official Sims Page

Based on the official The Sims 4 page, the game will feature improved graphics and storytelling methods. The Sims 3 received individual campaigns set in different periods as DLC packs. The same trend may continue with the new game as well because EA is known for releasing downloadable content from time to time. It has become their marketing strategy not only for this title but for all their popular franchises including the Battlefield 4.

The original version of the game may feature some of the single player campaigns. They will surely offer a huge list of customization options which the team has confirmed in their page. Players will be able to change character’s face, voice, head, hair and almost everything else. The virtual characters will now have more career options to explore and the emotions displayed by other Sims during relationship issues will be very close to real life. Players have been asking for fully open world traveling options which is yet to be confirmed by Maxis, the developers who are working on the title.

GDC 2014 Session

Some new features that players can expect on the Sims 4 release date may be revealed during the game developers’ conference 2014. There are three different sessions scheduled for the evening where directors, designers and important personalities from the development team will address the group. Information related to the new features and technical developments they are bringing to the new game will be discussed.

A prominent aspect of the ongoing GDC is that the developers now have an advantage with next gen consoles released which are more powerful in terms of graphics, processor and capabilities. It makes it easy to implement ideas and create bigger maps or add minute emotional features to virtual characters. Such additions can be rendered without difficulty and all of the consoles have a similar PC like architecture which helps. The updates on the discussions that take place during the session is yet to be officially announced. Stay tuned and there will definitely be some interesting things to look forward to from the conference.

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