Skype – Interesting Ways to Make the Most of App after a Free Download

Everyone today knows Skype. It’s one of the biggest and most widely known applications that are used for communication.

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a computer or a mobile device and a stable Internet, no person will be too far for you because you can enjoy the useful features of this app. But really, aside from being able to use the features that are available on Skype, how else do we maximize the application, not only for everyday conversations with friends but even for business and work?

Here are some suggestions for making your Skype activities more colorful and more fun, without having to pay a cent.

Use the Appropriate Crazy Emoticons for Wacky Occasions

Why not stop at a smiley face and a sad face when using your emoticons? Did you know that Skype has a treasure of all sorts of emoticons, both animated and not animated? Well, if you are looking for a wacky time with your friends and loved ones, you can have that, even when you are miles away from each other.

Some of the animated emoticons that you can actually use on Skype do not get displayed when you click the smiley icon. But not being shown from the choices does not mean you can’t access them. There are wacky emoticons that you can simply type on the chat box, and the moment you press enter, they will appear on your chat history like a present on Christmas morning, surprisingly.

Some of these hidden emoticons are poolparty, Heidi, and mooning. All you have to do is type open parenthesis, the name of any one of the emoticons that you want to use, and close parenthesis. It will look just like this, for example: (poolparty). That emoticon, by the way, is a thankfully anonymous guy ready to plunge into the nearest pool. Go use it yourself and see what he looks like.

Hold Your Social Events on Cyber Space

These are technologically limitless times. And these days, we can pretty much do anything given that we have a computer and a connection to the Internet. So, if you are planning on catching up with friends or having that usual get-together and yet some of you are away, do not let distance stop you from having fun. Get each one to be online at the same time and talk as much as you want over Skype video conference. It will seem like distance were nothing, because you can see each other and hear each other so clearly, it were as if you were just beside each other.

There are no more boundaries to what we can do today. Use that to your advantage. Nurture friendships and strengthen bonds even when distance seems like a huge obstacle.

Get Your Bonus Credits

Every once in a while, Skype likes to give free credits to its users. Given that there are millions of Skype users in the world, it’s pretty reasonable that they don’t give it that often. But they sure do. If you’re not the type to spend on Skype credits, you will still get to enjoy the premium benefits of Skype through these occasional bonuses.

Use your Skype credits to send emergency text messages to friends that are either not online on Skype or that are not using Skype. You may also set up call forwarding using these credits. Call forwarding is a great feature because each time someone calls you on Skype and you happen to not be online, you will have the call rerouted to your mobile number. So, no missed calls, and you can use it anywhere you want and anytime you want.

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