Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Price and Specs Comparison

Samsung is known for getting better every year with its new launches.

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5, has this Korean giant managed to keep up with its past record? The new phone is often compared with its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S4 that was a roaring success. Will Samsung be able to repeat its success formula this time? This remains to be seen. Here is a brief comparison between the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 that can give you a feeler towards the future of this new launch.

The Packaging

The Galaxy S4 has won hearts with its 5-inch screen that packs in a full HD display at a resolution of 1080p. Its Super AMOLED picture display ensures a crisp, sharp and natural picture quality. The phone’s size is just right. It is large enough for the user to enjoy media content and browse through the internet and small enough to carry in the hand or pocket. The new S5 offers a similar sized screen with parallel picture quality. However, it has a lower pixel density. The plastic exterior of S4 has been a dampener for some users. The most brilliant feature in the S5 package is its resistance to dust and water.

The Inner Beauty

In most regions, S4 is offered with a 2GB RAM and quad-core processor running on Snapdragon-800 chip that clocks at a frequency of 2.3GHz. Some of the S4 models come with an additional GPU chip that improves the performance of the system during the use of rich media files. Experts point out that S5 is a giant leap ahead of S4 in terms of performance. The Snapdragon-801 chip by Qualcomm in S5 clocks at 2.5GHz. It will also sport an upgraded graphical processor. Some experts were expecting that the S5 would have a 3GB RAM, but its 2GB RAM has been a disappointment for them.

Camera and Other Tricks

S5 offers the most advanced camera in its lineage. The 16MP sensor accommodates a capture speed of 0.3 seconds. The camera offers a compact range of new and useful features like Selective Focus. This feature allows the user to change the focus of the picture after clicking it. S4 offers a 13MP camera teamed up with LED flash and BSI. It also allows for dual-capture in both the primary as well as secondary camera. Galaxy S5 has a upgraded software and hence offers certain interesting features like Google’s new voice command. The new phone from Samsung focuses a lot on health in order to keep up with the latest trends amongst the users. One of its sensors can be used to monitor heat rate of the user. There is a fingerprint scanner available to the S5 users to offer enhanced security to the users.

While the new S5 offers several tricks to amuse the users, it is predominantly different from S4 in the camera front. This may not be a compelling reason for the Galaxy S4 users to move to the more expensive Galaxy S5. The users have become more informed and aware overtime and hence the marketing and packaging gimmicks may not work anymore.

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