Minecraft Xbox One – 4J Says Lot to Do Before Release Date Announcement

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While rumors and speculations continue to throng one of the hottest topics on the internet, developers of the game 4J Studios confirmed that they are working on the next gen Minecraft Xbox One version but it will be some time before they can officially make any announcements.

While the Twitter conversation of the developers was largely dominated by the TU14 update this week, there was one who was keen on the new title’s release date.

When an ardent fan posed the question to the development team, 4J Studios replied that there’s still lot to do but they are getting there. Even though it is evident that the team won’t be able to keep churning out updates and new versions of the game every fortnight, players were eager to see how Minecraft will be on the new generation console. It is expected that the game will have higher resolution and better textures to go with which will drastically boost the overall quality of the title. It is not practically possible to change the graphics of the sandbox game but higher resolution will be a welcome addition.

4J Says Still Lot to Do

The TU14 will most probably be bundled with the Minecraft Xbox One edition but going a step ahead, one active fan requested 4J Studios to release the game with TU15 updated in it. There’s no word on such an update getting released anytime soon but it is another speculation that will soon start making its way to the web. After the TU14 got officially released, the expectation for another update has commenced too early, if you go by the comments the player community makes. They are eager for something new every time.

The update was a massive hit on the Xbox 360 console which witnessed a surge with over half million new players joining the regular crowd on release date to check out the new features. Producer of the game Roger Carpenter thanked everyone on the massive support and added that the entire team was glad to see such enthusiasm. The earlier speculation which claimed that the next gen version could get launched as early as April now seems like an anticipation that might never happen. Unless and until 4J Studios make an announcement on official release date, every other news can be treated only as a tip that may or may not be true.

TU14 for Xbox One

Mojang is the original creators of the title for PC version while 4J Studios is handling the console ports for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. They are working on the mobile/ tablet versions as well as the PS Vita version. Apart from the City Texture pack which launched on Xbox 360 console, there may be new packs coming up and all of them will most probably land together when Minecraft Xbox One edition comes out. Stay tuned as we will be bringing you more updates on the upcoming game. We will focus on all official statements made by the developers as well as interesting speculations to keep your daily dosage of Minecraft coming.

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