Minecraft Xbox 360 – Microsoft May Release TU14 Update Shortly

The producer of the game at Microsoft, Roger Carpenter has some great news to share with the gaming community.

When 4J Studios announced that they are done with the title update 14 for Minecraft Xbox 360 and it has been submitted to Microsoft, the fan community’s attention automatically shifted to focus on any announcements from the company. For a long time now, the 4J team has been ardently answering fans on their Twitter pages and pacifying them.

The certificate testing process is however, an entirely different story and it is Microsoft that has to get it ready in time. Producer Roger revealed that after the submission has been made, the entire Minecraft team in the company got busy. He revealed the news through his twitter account claiming that their team is already busy playing the game. Almost every team member is working on getting the certificate testing process done in time so that title update 14 can be launched to the players immediately. It is more like a quality control phase where the publisher of the console will check if the features are working, as it should without any bugs before approving it.

While everyone wants to know an exact release date for the tu14 update, Roger did not officially confirm a date in his twitter conversation. You do not need such confirmations because with the massive fan following that Minecraft Xbox 360 has now; it will not be surprising if the update rolls out within two weeks or so. Besides, 4J Studios has not only submitted title update 14 for certificate testing but they have also completed and submitted 1.04 update for Sony.

There is a stiff competition between these two platforms in bringing latest updates as soon as possible. Xbox 360 got the city texture pack earlier while it is being speculated that PS3 will receive the texture pack along a Sony exclusive skin pack on 1.04 release date. With so much going on, it is given that Microsoft would not delay the release. Roger Carpenter confirmed that they are busy playing the game which reveals that the certificate testing process is going great. It may be a matter of days or weeks before an official announcement lands in the media.

Xbox One Version

While a huge group of players are eagerly waiting for tu14 to land on Minecraft Xbox 360, the next gen console owners are looking forward to a release date as well. The new console Xbox One got launched last year but it is yet to receive some of the amazing titles that Xbox 360 has. Minecraft is definitely one among them. With 4J Studios now free from developing title update 14 and bug fixing tasks, they will definitely have plenty of time to invest in getting the next gen version of the game ready. They have a strong tradition of keeping announcements wrapped tight till the last date. So, get ready to be surprised because they might announce the new game out of the blue and surprise all Xbone owners.

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