Minecraft PS3 1.04 Update Bug Fixes Are Lesser Than Xbox360 Version

Ever since the Title Update 14 developments began, 4J Studios assured that all the bug fixes and changes will be the same for Minecraft PS3 edition as the Xbox360 version.

The company revealed it last week that they are done with the development cycle and the 1.04 update, which is an equivalent of title update 14 has been submitted to Sony for certificate testing process. Going through the list of submissions made, it comes as an unexpected surprise that the Xbox 360 version has a list of new bugs that has been fixed but the same list is missing on the PS3 release note. For a long time, the developers made the fan community to believe that the cycle will be same hereafter and no more delays in release dates.

They were simultaneously working on all versions of the game. When fans questioned whether the update will be released on the same day, they quoted that the job is done on their end. The submission for certificate testing has been made to both Microsoft and Sony at the same time. Now, it is up to the respective companies to bring them out and let their fans enjoy the updates that 4J Studios has designed. There is plenty to look forward to but the lack of bug fixing comes as not-so-delightful news for PlayStation fans.

Some Bugs Are Pending

After revealing in their Twitter account that they have made the submission to Sony, 4J Studios provided an official link. The redirected link provided on Twitter contained the list of updates that are coming to the platform. As already confirmed, the title update 14 and the 1.04 update is very similar without a doubt. Despite the similarities, there are at least a dozen bugs which didn’t get a fix on the Minecraft PS3 edition. 4 J Studios didn’t comment on this issue till now. It might be due to some reasons related to the certificate testing process or some restrictions that Sony have.

The city texture pack got released on the Xbox platform a week ago but it won’t be long before it makes it way to the Playstation platform. In their social media updates, the development studio confirmed that they are planning to release two texture packs along with the release of 1.04 update. All of them will happen on the same day which is great news for ardent PS3 fans who are waiting eagerly to play Minecraft to their heart’s content. The update brings an entirely new adventure mode.

With the title update submitted for certificate verification on both platforms, 4J Studios is now completely free. They will have ample time to work on the next gen version of the game. The 1.04 update is expected to land soon on Minecraft PS3 version. It will be available by default when the game launches for PS4 console. It will either be a digital download only version or a retail version could make it to the stores if the company sees enough demand from players.

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