Highlights of the Candy Crush Saga Free Download

Candy Crush Saga was, for long, regarded as the Facebook game.

The game is based on some traditional rules, but outwits imitations because of the way its playing strategies are organized. You are offered an exciting element of planning for moves in the game mode. The game is a social magnet because of the way the Facebook platform broadcasts user experiences, including the scores from a network of friends. It is believed to be the best gaming app to come from the iOS fraternity.

How to Play the Free Candy Crush Saga

You are to match three pieces of candy which sport similar colors. They disappear with every successful matching of the candy colors. The objective is to attain a certain high score and clean out the stage. Yet it isn’t as straight forward as that. You are bound to be confounded with unforeseen twists at this point. One of the various boards to contend with is that you are expected to clean out Jelly cubes in an open field. You do it by matching. Yet, there are other challenges too. The bottom-line in the whole encounter is to make the best use of your moves. You only have a limited number of moves in each game. Once you exhaust your moves, the game comes to an end.

Power-Up Opportunities

The complexity of the game is greatly boosted by the provision to seek a power-up once you attain certain levels of achievement. On one hand there is the lollipop hammer suited for crushing the candy of your choice, while on the other hand there are the Jelly Fish which devour anything which bears the same colors as the Candy. The power-up gives you the advantage of securing more chances to play, even when your moves are close to depletion.

Purchase the Boosters, the Game Is Free

The Candy Crush boosters come at a price. Moreover, if you lose a number of games, you will be required to purchase yourself more lives, or wait. Yet, if your social skills are impeccable, you could request some loan lives from your friends in the game on Facebook. The borrowing of lives in the game is a creative way by King.com to promote and publicize the game. Whereas the game is primarily free, you will need to purchase boosters at higher levels of the game since you will find it impossible to move.

The Candy Crush Motivation

The game has a spiral effect which helps to bond friends and promotes itself in the same breath. In particular, the sharing of the high scores attained by other players on Facebook is an effective motivator for players to compete. Everyone wants to attain the top spot. Consequently, the game becomes quite addictive and one seeks to gain more and more points to beat the rest.

The General Overview

Candy Crush is a high resolution display game that leaves you thrilled at the clarity of the images and graphics. The beautiful graphics are complemented by the sweet joyous music. It is the best rendition of the match-three game strategy.

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