Halo 5 Wants to Attract New Gamers on Release Date

The big E3 reveal in 2013 was a surprise for fans because people hardly expected a Halo 5 teaser to debut during the event.

It was an official confirmation that Microsoft is working on the next gen version of their popular franchise. Given the huge success Halo witnessed on Xbox 360, it’s not surprising to see the company furiously working on a new title and wants to make sure it comes out as the best. The world is set for the title but the game director in an interview revealed that they wanted to make sure it lived up to the hype. Players are eagerly anticipating a release but the team is planning something bigger this time around. Instead of making a game that simply reiterates what was already done, it’s going to be a wild ride which will attract new players.

Beyond Franchise Fans

Bringing in new audience is what Microsoft wants because the franchise will help Xbox One sell better. Even though, the teaser got launched, developers in Bungie say that that they were forced to show it off but the actual game is far from being ready. This year, E3 2014 will have some exciting surprise announcements according to Phil Spencer. The corporate vice president of Microsoft studios said that E3 looks good with new, known, unannounced and surprise releases happening this year.

For almost two years, E3 was dominated by next gen news and its release date. With the consoles now official in the market, the focus will shift to next gen games. Halo 5 will definitely be the top runner. There was earlier speculation that as Microsoft release their exclusive Titanfall in March, a fall release is possible for Halo. Latest news suggests otherwise based on the recent job postings made by the company. They have invited professionals for over 14 different posts and based on their aggressive hiring, they could soon be the next Sony Santa Monica studio.

Job Openings at Microsoft

The job description details developers and designers that they will be working on future games made by the studio. The first piece of information came from Master Chief’s voice actor who said that they would release it before the end of 2014. Seeing the way things are, it is highly unlikely that the game comes out this year but it is nearly confirmed that Halo 2 anniversary edition will be officially announced during E3 2014. Despite the lack of news, fans are eagerly waiting with bated breath because they argue that if a teaser for released in 2013 itself, why not a confirmed release date in 2014 electronic entertainment expo? The argument sounds valid though and it is a short wait before the big day.

The teaser shown during E3 2013 had Master Chief wandering alone in a desert and it was the only glimpse that gamers had of Halo 5 till now. The GDC 2014 conference is underway at the moment which saw developers discuss more about upcoming AI updates, game play mechanics among others. There’s more to come in the upcoming months.

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