Halo 5 Comic Strip Unwraps Storyline, Release Date Still Unclear

The information available on Halo 5 is sparse but there’s definitely some news when Microsoft takes the dais during E3 2014.

Before that, a newly leaked comic strip has given players a hint of storyline which might pertain to the most speculated Xbox One title. The official comic Halo escalation reveals Scruggs talking to Sarah Palmer. He says that there is a huge conspiracy going on to hide the Didact and questions here on the whereabouts of Master Chief.

According to the comic strip released, the protagonist of the story is missing or maybe he simply didn’t like to reveal himself until his mission is accomplished. This one liner strongly syncs with the teaser trailer shown by Microsoft during E3 2013. It was set in a desert where Master Chief was wandering all on his own and the overall tone of the teaser claimed that he is out of touch from the world for some unsaid reason. The comic could simply be a speculation or a confirmed information that reveals the plot line of the upcoming game title.

Master Chief is Undercover

Based on the conversation that takes place between the two characters in the strip, it is evident that the UNSC prefer blaming the covenant remnant for the attack on the Earth. Despite their repeated attempts, the Arbiter fails to establish a peaceful agreement with the ONI. The ONI continues their trend of funding Elite rebellions groups for over five years so as to keep the conflict rife. Their funds help groups like Kilo Five Trilogy to continue fighting without respite and it deters any peaceful agreement from coming into place. Lastly, the conversation found in the comic strip ends with a strong emphasis on Master Chief’s absence. Scruggs question her on his absence and the conspiracy that is taking place without their knowledge.

The official trailer released by Microsoft showed Master Chief wandering in an empty desert and when you mix the information with this comic, it seems he is no longer in contact with the UNSC. He is up with a top secret assignment which requires high confidentiality and chooses to stay away from the group until he solves his purpose. The organization chooses to keep Didact top secret which may have made Chief to decide otherwise or maybe he simply doesn’t want to be part of the UNSC anymore. Everything will be revealed during the official E3 2014 press conference. There will definitely be some Halo news during the same but whether it will be Halo 5 or an anniversary edition is the big question.

343i Promises Exciting News

The information was conveyed by Microsoft executive Phil Spencer who added that 343i industries has some exciting news to share. The company enjoyed a good run with their exclusive title Titanfall and Halo 5 is the most anticipated one that made Xbox 360 a huge hit in the past. Stay tuned because with E3 being so close, it’s not a long wait. The anniversary edition is more likely but there may be more information related to the new game as well.

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