Google Talk – 5 Free Download Apps to Run It on iOS

Technology is all about innovation, and as newer apps are launched, the older ones fade into oblivion.

Google Talk’s rise pushed many other chat options like Yahoo Messenger and AIM over the top. Gmail’s versatility makes Google Talk one of the best chat clients ever and it now has a major market share in messaging apps. However, Gtalk really slipped when it came to offering great service to iOS users. Here are 5 third party free apps that let you run Gtalk seamlessly on your iPhone.


Beejive is a full service app that runs with almost every messaging app you can think of. Along with Gtalk, it also offers Facebook, AIM, and Yahoo Messengers on its paid version. You can really customize the user interface and the app will keep you logged on to your account for at least 24 hours once you have signed in on it. It is extremely quick and responsive. If you have several conversations running simultaneously, you can easily and quickly navigate between them. You can also send and receive images through this chat.


This iOS app lets you connect with your Gtalk contacts list and allows you to receive push notifications for up to 12 hours, after you have initially signed in. This app supports all of Gtalk’s features and has extremely customizable interface as well. You can change the backgrounds and color schemes to make your chat interface cooler and more interesting. The intuitive interface can also be flipped into landscape mode for easier and faster typing. Though the app is free, a premium version allows you to remain signed in into your Gtalk account for 7 days.


The one thing that sets this app apart from all others is its user interface. The ability to store your chat logs in their entirety is something that most Gtalk users will appreciate. It also has a web browser integrated seamlessly into its chat interface, so that every time you click on a link, you will be quickly taken to the contents through a web browser. The only downside though, is that the free version of the app comes riddled with advertisements that can act as a nuisance sometimes. However, this app works great with iPad as well and the interface can be customized for it.


This is a reliable app that has some great features to offer. The great thing about this app is that in addition to text messages, it also allows you to send short recorded voice messages to other users. The user interface is very ordinary but it offers you access to many other messengers including Yahoo, AIM, Facebook, MSN, Skype and many others.


This rather suave app gives you a set of very unique features that are hard to find on any other app. It seamlessly syncs your Google contacts with your iPhone ones. If you have an Instapaper account, you can also easily save any links on your chats to your phone. You can now export your chat history for later use, and though Gtalk already lets you do that by default, this can be a really nifty feature to have handy.

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