Google Maps – The New Features That You Can’t Miss Out

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Google Maps is the go to choice for all those who are looking to commute to a place whose directions they are not sure about.

Such is the profound popularity of Google maps that almost everyone uses it for navigating with ease. However, the Google authorities are not one of those who are complacent. Despite being the most popular navigation choice, they are always on the lookout to find something new and add the right touch of creativity to their products.

What Is New In Google Maps?

Very recently, Google Maps was almost revamped with a flurry of different features added to it. The satellite view and the earth view became much easier to view, as the additional plug-ins were no longer needed. This is not all, as some of the most revolutionary features were introduced. Definitely, Google Maps is more than just another navigation service now.

The Google Maps Gallery

By far, one of the finest and the most talked about feature have to be the Google maps gallery. With this feature, you can now access even informative and historical maps easily. Do you love digging out old stuffs? Do you wish to know more about some of the top ancient monuments that were a part of history but are no longer here to see? You can now know more about these details, facts and figures with the help of Google maps gallery.

National geographic maps director stated that these maps were primarily available only in paper format. However, thanks to the wonderful initiative by Google, a greater majority of people all over the world will now be able to access all these maps and thereby make the most out of their curiosity and inquisitiveness.

National geographic has made more than 800 maps and they are dotted with very elaborate details. Owing to the paper based format, procuring the maps wasn’t easy and it was limited to a very small group of people. With the right help from Google authorities, people sitting in remote corners of the world can now benefit from the maps and know more about heritage sites, the buildings, the popular architecture, the hidden roads, the castles and tombs as well.

Publish Your Maps

You also have the provision of publishing your own maps and you can share it on social networking sites and make the most out of it. There is no doubt that Google Maps has really modified the way it works and it looks. There are too many new features that you should not miss and if you are looking to explore places, sitting in the confines of your home, Google maps is one of those tools that will definitely come in handy in more ways than one.

Feel free to get familiar with the Google maps gallery and the other features. Check out the earth view and the satellite view and you will love checking out new places, the top monuments and more. It is hard to miss the versatility that Google map offers.

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