Google Hangouts Prominent Features Include Voice and Video Calling

Making video calls over phones, tablets and computers are now made extremely easy with Google hangouts.

The new features included in the application which has a version on almost every device and platform allows users to make interactive group conversations. The tool is very user friendly and creates a virtual platform which is very similar to actually meeting them all online. You just have to create a group and invite all friends to come over for the hangout.

With most devices having front facing cameras, it is now possible to see each other’s face in a group as you chat and the chat window supports emoji smileys as well. It makes it easy to express emotions on the go without feeling left out. The images of all other people in the group conversation will be shown live so that you can cope up with their reactions as you talk. The conversation history is stored for your convenience which you can visit any time and almost relive those gorgeous moments including seeing pictures sent that time and all texts backed up for you.

One Touch Settings

The simple to use one-touch settings is a great advantage that allows users of all age groups to use Google hangouts without much trouble. You can instantly call another person or an entire group of up to 10 people at the same time. Everyone who has a hangout running on will receive the call instantly with notifications. The best thing is there are no computer to computer calls or between smart phones. The app acts as a bridge between all platforms and operating systems. With a single touch, you will be able to call all ten people and they will get notification on their computer, tablet or smartphone. When trying to bring in so many people, some may not be available to attend the call. They will be duly notified about the call and the people in the group who tried to communicate with them. They can choose to leave a message for the group or be allowed to read the text that was shared within the group. The app combines the best of voice and video calling together.

Works on All OS

Communication in modern times is hindered by so many platforms and devices around. Google hangouts is designed to simplify things with a single app that is available on latest devices. Users will be able to join the hangout from an iPhone, iPad, android tablets, smartphones and also a computer. This ensures that you get to talk to the person irrespective of the device they are using and they will get the notifications on time to not miss the fun. The groups can see everyone while they speak and listen to their voices besides being able to send text or emoji to keep the conversation lively. With such a lot of features and more updates coming in the near future, the program has a strong fan following and may soon become the most preferred method of communication when it comes to multiplatform conferences.

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