Gmail Free Download for iOS Gets Updated

Now iOS users have more reasons to use Google Mail on their iPhone as the email service now gets updated on iPhones.

Here we will look at the two major updates Gmail 3.0 is laying on the table for iPhone users.

Background App Refresh

The first major update in Gmail 3.0 is Background App Refresh. With this new feature, installed apps can retrieve new content even if they are turned off. This will allow users to quickly revert from any app to Gmail which refreshes the Inbox right away, thus eliminating the need for manual refresh of content. To be able to utilize Background App Refresh, your phone must be updated to iOS 7. The feature as well as Gmail Notification must be enabled in iOS Settings.

One Google Account

Aside from Background App Refresh, the second major update that Gmail 3.0 brings is Sing-On. With this, users will be able to automatically sign in with one account to use the various services of Google.

With this feature, the user can sign in with other Google accounts such as Maps, YouTube, Drive, or Chrome. With Gmail 3.0, your profile picture in that account will be pulled out so that you can automatically log in by tapping it. You will no longer be allowed to authenticate your user name on that account.

This feature will come in handy if your Google Account has been protected using the 2-step verification process. This way, you would not have to encode your 27-character password all over again or retrieve your 2-step verification code whenever you checking your other Google apps.


Once you sign out in one app, Sing-On will do the same for your other Google accounts on other devices. Bear in mind, however, that you may be required to register to Gmail again after this update.


However, users who have already received or downloaded the update are not that convinced. Disgruntled users trooped to the App Store and bemoaned Gmail 3.0 saying that it easily drains their phone’s battery life. Another user expressed his disappointment with the new app saying that the feature is defective.

So the ball is now in Google’s court to prove once and for all that their latest update of Gmail for iOS is not a fluke.

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