Free Angry Birds Star Wars – Download on PC for Double Fun

Angry Birds fans are always looking forward to new releases from the franchise.

The developers of Angry Birds have always churned out better versions with a wide variety of themes and upgrades to satiate the yearnings of fans across the world. The fifth game in the series, Angry Birds Star Wars is a marriage between two global brands – Angry Birds and Star Wars. The game play is a blend of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space. Here are some points you need to keep in mind while downloading the Angry Birds Star Wars version on your PC.

How to Download on PC

While Angry Birds on Mobile is convenient for users, many avid gamers prefer to play the game on their PC for better viewing and more dexterous controls. There are various methods you can use to download the game on your PC. If you do not want to pay a hefty amount for the console version, you can use any emulation software like BlueStacks. After downloading BlueStacks, you can use the mobile platform to download the Angry Birds app. You can also download the .APK file of Angry Birds to initiate the download. If you find this process too cumbersome, you can also access the game through Facebook on your PC. The most common way of downloading the PC version of the game is from the official website of the company.

Engaging Game Play

The awesome graphics and brilliant sounds of the game have the ability to move the gamer to a surreal zone. The theme based on the Star Wars trilogy offers a winning combination of two leading franchises making the game play alluring as well as exciting. The game offers 80 levels that are packed with action and thrills. These levels transport the users to 7 different locations starting from the Death Star. You can even flaunt your high scores on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The plot of the game encourages you to unlock several mysteries to make the plot more stimulating.

Star Wars 2 is New and Improved

With the wide popularity of Star Wars, the developers decided to launch a follow-up game known as Star Wars 2. This game is definitely an improvisation over its previous avatar. It introduces many more Star Wars characters in the plot. The plot of this game is a prequel in the Star Wars storyline. In this game, you can be on the dark side and hence you become the controller of the pigs. The game for the first time allows the players to fly the pigs like the birds. These pigs have additional abilities too. The game unlike any of its previous versions allows its users to use real physical toys.

These games like all their predecessors are a testimony of the fact that Angry Birds developers have the know-how to develop games that can catch the fancy of people across all age groups. Like all other games, the developers continually release updated versions for these games across all platforms. If you are an Angry Bird fan, there is no reason for you to miss these flavors!

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