Flappy Bird vs Angry Birds – How Similar They Are

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Did you ever play Flappy bird? It is regarded by many as the toughest game ever.

Too many people tend to confuse Flappy bird and Angry Birds simply because both of them are bird based game. However, the big question remains, are they similar? Definitely not! There is huge difference between the two of them and they hardly share any similarities. Here, we will look at the main differences between the two.

The Main Idea behind Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is one of those games which come with the primary aim of making sure that the bird doesn’t collide with the poles. The game has been designed in such a way that the bird tends to slide down the screen. This adds a greater level of complexity because you need to keep trying hard to ensure it moves in the right direction.

Flappy bird is known for being really tough because the levels are extremely difficult to clear.

What Is Angry Birds All About?

Angry Birds is known for its creatively rich interface. When you are playing Angry Birds, you will get to find a lot of different birds that come loaded with special abilities and characteristics. It is entirely upon you to choose which birds you will like to use to kill the pigs seated on a fort that is located at a distance.

There is more variety in Angry Birds as there are different types of birds that you can find. Further, every level brings forth something new and the levels, though tough aren’t hugely difficult.

Are the Graphics Comparable?

It is extremely common for people to compare the graphics of two games. Flappy bird and Angry Birds are absolutely not comparable when it boils down to graphics. One of the key reasons that contributed to the popularity of Angry Birds has to be the fact that the interface is extremely rich and very creative. There are a lot of colors and the screen is bright. The kind of creativity that one can find in the designing of the game is worth a round of appreciation.

However, when we talk about Flappy bird, you really cannot think a great deal about graphics. The game is based on 2D graphics and despite having such lackluster graphics, the game managed to hit the right scores with gamers. People believe that it is the overall plot and addicting game play that led to Flappy bird being the ultimate game of all time.

Another key point of difference is the fact that while Angry Birds is still available in play store, Flappy bird has been discontinued. The developer of the game took it down and one can no longer play it. There are similar versions which are rip-off of the main game, but there is no original version of Flappy bird available for download.

This is why Angry Birds seems to be the only alternative left for you. Enjoy this game and spend your leisure time with ease.

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