Fixing Skype Free Sign-In Problems after Download

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Programs and software are never completely loophole-free.

There will always be issues that people are going to experience. The most common complaints that users raise about the programs that they use are related to some bugs in the system that need to either be removed or resolved. So chances are, if you are the techy sort and you love your gadgets, you have faced a number of issues with regard to the applications that you have been using.

But for now, let us set aside these bug issues and take a look at one of the most common reason for frustration among Skype users all over the world: problems with signing in. Sound simple, doesn’t it? Yes it does, and in fact, because of how simple it should be, the more frustrated people get when they can’t even get past this very first step to using the application. If you are experiencing problems with signing into your account, here are some of the probable culprits.

Skype Might Be Going Through Service Issues

Before you even think of throwing away your computer or your smartphone because it can’t seem to handle Skype, you might want to consider that maybe Skype is just really going through some service problems as of the moment. Serving to thousands of people from different parts of the globe can be tricky, so give Skype a break, and put your device down, that poor thing.
In order for you to make sure that a service issue is causing the problem, you can check the Heartbeat Blog. This is where you will see if any report has been made on service glitches or issues. If you do not see anything reported on the website, then you can conclude that there is another reason why you can’t sign in.

Check Again Whether You Have the Right Credentials for a Sign-In

If you know that you have the right username and password and yet wonder why you can’t seem to get through, it might be because the credentials that you keyed in are not the ones that you need to sign in.

There are two different types of sign-in options for Skype. The first one is the Microsoft account sign-in and the second one is the Skype Name sign-in.

For the first sign-in option, you will have to key in a username in the format of an email. If your username looks like an email address when you created the account, then you will have to sign-in using the same username in the same format for future and succeeding sign-ins. This means that if your username is, then you cannot sign in using only yourname.

For the second type of sign-in option, you will have to key in a username that does not come in the pattern of an email address. This is when you can sign-in using just yourname, as in the earlier example.
If you think that the password is the problem, you can simply hit the Forgot Password option and input your email address, where your temporary new password will be forwarded so you can sign-in to your account right away.

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