Fallout 4 Release Date Is Long as Developers Are Busy

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There isn’t an official announcement on the developing team who is working on Fallout 4.

It is even unclear whether a game is in production or not but if it is being done by Obsidian, the team that did a fantastic job with Fallout new Vegas, be aware that the release date could be really far. Bethesda has not confirmed whether the game is in development for over three years. The huge gap led to an anonymous guy named Survivor 2299 creating an elaborate and believable hoax using the franchise name.

He released a series of codes on his website that reddit users tried to decipher to find the message hidden within. It took considerable amount of time for the entire gamer community to realize that it is nothing but fake news generated by the individual. As Obsidian did a commendable job of creating the game in the past, chances are high that Bethesda may want them to develop it again. It can be under development but postponed to a later release date in 2015 or 2016, but with the information available now, it is nearly impossible to make any confirmations.

Obsidian Releases Other Titles

The team Obsidian is exceptionally busy now as they revealed a new massively multiplayer online tank title and another one in association with Paradox entertainment. The MMO game is titled as armored warfare while their second title is Pillars of Eternity, a kickstarter project. The idea began as a simple crowd-funding program but its unique combat role-playing style made it popular. The kick-starter project got the necessary funds and Paradox which was overseeing the process decided to bring Obsidian on board.

They are focusing purely on the game play aspect of the title that will entitle an exciting game to look forward to. Seeing their schedule, if Obsidian is the team making Fallout 4, they are definitely not focusing much on it now. It can be seen from another perspective as well because when a developer wishes to bring out only the best, they will spend more time in making the exceptionally good before releasing it. Gamers are eagerly awaiting an announcement but there is hardly any news in sight till now.

Survivor 2299 Comes With a Mod

The website run by Survivor 2299 is back up again but this time gamers are clearly aware that it is not related to Fallout 4 anyway. The person who is running the site confirmed in a forum that it is related to a mod that he is planning to release for Fallout new Vegas. There are some new mods coming in for the game that is already three years old. Such mods are being developed even after such a long time since its original release date is mainly because there is no sign of announcement coming in from Bethesda in this regard. The game director from the company confirmed that they were happy to see such response from player community for Skyrim and the mods are simply amazing. It is time Fallout gets seamless mod support as well which you will be able to confirm when the developers and publisher comes forward with an announcement.

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