Download Yahoo Messenger Free – Top Reasons Why People Stay with YM

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There are many other communication apps that are available for download today.

We have so many different choices and more new ones are coming out. And yet the Big Smiley that stands for Yahoo Messenger is still one of the most trusted and considered as the most reliable communication apps today. After many years of leading the instant messaging industry, many people still consider Yahoo Messenger as an app that is unchallenged in so many ways. If you are wondering how Yahoo Messenger is doing it, how it manages to keep its user base and is still expanding, read on and find out.

Want to Take a Breather from the Day’s Stress?

Yahoo Messenger has got you covered in that department as well. Not only an instant messaging application, Yahoo Messenger, is a social gaming platform, where users can play game real time with their YM Buddies, It’s a great diversion from serious conversations that are the norm for many people.

You can play head to head with your buddies with games like Backyard Monsters and Pool 8 Ball. You will find a list of games that you can play at the bottom of the Yahoo Messenger window. There is always an updated Featured Games tab that will showcase the most played and the most popular games on Yahoo Messenger. Simply choose either one of these games and start challenging your buddies in a friendly fight.

Love Facebook? It’s on Yahoo Messenger as Well

If you just are addicted to Facebook and you want your contacts to be able to reach you whatever time of the day, you simply sync your Yahoo Messenger account with your Facebook account and you will be able to have both Facebook and YM contacts in one place. It’s very convenient and you don’t need to open a new web browser just to see who’s online on Facebook.

Organizing your contacts in Yahoo Messenger is very easy as well. For example, your Facebook friends will automatically be gathered in one group, “Facebook Friends”. You can then manually create other groups to better organize your Yahoo Messenger Buddies. This way, it will be easier for you to look for a particular contact or to send messages to specific groups of people only.

For easy viewing, you may choose to show all the contacts in all the groups or show only some groups that you want to see at the moment. This can also keep your contacts list from looking too crowded. If you want to keep things simple, neat and organized, Yahoo Messenger is definitely one very good option to go for.

Update Your Social Networking Accounts All from Yahoo Messenger

With so many social networking accounts to keep track of, don’t you sometimes want to have just one thing that will update everything? With Yahoo Messenger, you have exactly that. You can as easy as update your status or mood message on Yahoo Messenger and share that to your connected social networking accounts.

After inputting your status message on YM, just click “Share to” and you will see a dropdown menu where your other social networking websites are listed. Check which ones you want to share your status to, and that’s it. You’ve updated social media.

Also, if you are concerned about privacy, you can always set from Yahoo Messenger who gets to see the status messages that you share. On the dropdown menu, you can also select options on who sees your shares from Yahoo Messenger. Simply select from among “Everyone”, “Friends” or “Friends of Friends” and you’re good to go.

Stay Online

Never want to miss a thing? Set your availability status to Always Online so that you get to receive every message, wherever you are.

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