Download these Free Antivirus Programs and Protect Your Computer

If you have ever experienced having your computer files and system corrupted by malware and viruses, you know what a hassle it can be.

Windows users can’t afford to not have a reliable antivirus program. The more advanced the technology is nowadays, the easier it becomes for hackers and malicious software to infiltrate computer systems. When we just visit a website and click a few buttons, we get these harmful viruses.

We have to admit, though, that most of the reliable antivirus programs today do not come cheap. And every time you upgrade it, you need to pay a certain amount. Fortunately, these same antivirus programs also have free downloadable versions that we can use and that also have great security features to protect our computer systems from malicious software. Here are some of the most effective in the malware and virus busting service.

Avira Antivirus Free

Avira is a great all-in-one antivirus program that you can use for free. If you want something that does not slow down your computer or does not take up so much space in your computer’s hard drive and at the same time does its job well, this one is a good choice.

It has a full computer scan feature that can search through every file and every folder in your system to look for those viruses that may be hanging around in your system without your knowing it. There are certain viruses that can actually exist without being detected because they do not have any obvious effects on the system. However, when there are too many viruses in your system, you will most probably experience a significant slowing down in the computer processes that normally ran smoothly without a glitch. This may not be due to low computer space or memory or any software malfunction. A virus might be the culprit. The full computer scan can detect these viruses and put them in quarantine, a specific virtual “cage” where they can no longer have any effect on the computer.

The advantages of buying the premium version are that you get to have access to real time Internet protection, which protects you from acquiring any malware from the websites that you go to. However, Avira’s free version already does a great job of alerting users when a potentially harmful file is being downloaded into the computer, so you have the option of whether to continue or not.

AVG Internet Security

For those who want protection from viruses, threats, and malware and at the same time protection from invasion of privacy, this is the antivirus program to use. AVG, however, comes at a cost. And most of its features can only be enjoyed if you buy the program at $54.99. But if you want to give it a try, AVG offers a trial period of 30 days, where you don’t have to pay anything and you will be able to fully enjoy its features. Should you decide that this is the right program for your needs, you can proceed to purchasing the program and using it in the long run.

What AVG does, basically, is that it prevents any threat from coming into your computer. So before you download or access anything, the program checks it and makes sure that there is no harm before you get to actually proceed. Also, it makes sure that when you are sharing files to your friends, you are not sharing viruses together with those files, as AVG checks files and makes sure that they are all clean.

When it comes to privacy protection, AVG is able to encrypt your files securely and makes sure that hackers do not get to access your personal information or the personal data stored in your computer.

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