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Little did Imangi Studios know when they launched this endless running game in 2011 that it would become of the most popular games to be ever played.

The game became so popular that it became one of the few games to cross the boundaries of smartphones and enter into the arena of computer gaming. The game, programmed by a husband and wife team, is now not only played on smartphones but also giving some of the most intense PC games a run for their money. However, very few people are aware that this game can now be enjoyed on the big screen of a computer. Here is a simple guide to install this game for free on your PC and enjoy it.

How to Install the Game?

There are some basic system requirements to enjoy this game on your PC. You need at least 2GB RAM, decent video card and video card driver to play this game on your PC. Before you install the game, you will need to install an Android emulator like BlueStacks to be able to install this application. Once you have installed this emulator successfully, open it, and search for Temple Run in the search tab. You should be able to see some options. Make sure that you click on the install tab next to Temple Run only. You will be guided to a popup where again you have to choose amongst some options. Click on Temple Run again. Once you click on the icon, a Google Play pop up of the game will open just like in the Google Play store of your smartphone. Click on install tab and then click on Accept. The game will start downloading on its own. Once the game is downloaded, you should be able to see the game in your BlueStacks window. You are free to start running.

Controls of the Game

The controls of the game on a PC are slightly different from the controls of your smartphone version. To turn left and right while running, use the left and right keys respectively on your keyboard. Similarly, use the up arrow key to jump and down arrow key to slide. However, in order to tilt left and right you will have to use the keys “Z” and “X” respectively. There are some versions that also allow you to use mouse pad or mouse to control the character. However, controlling with the mouse can be little tricky as you need to bring back the mouse in position before using it again.

Why Play on PC?

The game is much easier to play on a PC for many reasons. Firstly, you get to enjoy the graphic details of the game on a much larger screen. The bigger screen of your PC allows you to see a clearer view of the oncoming obstacles that sometimes become unnoticeable in the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Professional gamers would also argue that it is much easier to use keyboard keys for controls rather than the fidgety touch sensors of your phone. Follow the instructions and download this epic game on your PC now to enjoy running endlessly.

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