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This is a thriller running game that affords you adventures that are similar but different in many respects from Temple Run.

In Subway surfers, you are forced to run away from a railway inspector who seeks to nab you for mischief on the railroads beneath. In Subway Surfers, you run behind scenes trying to keep out of vicinity. Yet the run is primarily localized along rail tracks. The game is specially developed for playing on iPhones.

Thriller Stunts for Subway Surfers Players

Although Subway Surfers is likened to Temple Run, it is a more exciting running escapade that allows the player to power up along the way. The player also amasses coins he picks along the way, to enable a reenergized escape adventure. You control the runner by flipping on the screen as you try to avoid hitting trains, barriers and even rail cars. In particular, you can jump over obstacles by swiping the screen upwards; evade obstacles by flipping to the right and to the left. If you wish to evade an onslaught by ducking, you only need to swipe the screen downwards.

Trade-Ins on Subway Surfers

The player is to pick coins which can be exchanged for other items that can be used to enhance one’s playing power in the game. Some of the items you can acquire with the coins include jet packs that are paint powered, hover-boards and coin magnets. You certainly need the power-ups in order to have a fighting chance of handling the tough and rigorous parts of the game. Such supplements add to the excitement of the game. It adds to the suspense element and keeps pumping your adrenaline up.

Compare the Free Subway Surfers versus Temple Run

Subway Surfers is obviously designed along the Temple run idea. Critics point out that the game loses out on originality on this score. Yet other observers point out that Subway Surfers features more child friendly features and improved graphics. It also features some unique aspects that make it all the more interesting. The World Tour segment of the game is an example of the features that set it apart from Temple Run. The feature allows you to play in various locations by running along subways that reflect different design and planning realities of countries around the world. The game still appears to be a remodeling of Temple Run though. It is just as addictive and engrossing. It has the capacity to keep your juices running from the start to the end.

Some Recent Changes Featured On the Free Subway Surfers

Subway surfers has added another potential thriller punch. Players can now venture in new locations in the tour of the world. Some critics had alluded to a possible dead end to the game, owing to the seemingly static and never-changing gaming elements. However, the critics are wrong, yet again because Subway Surfers was given a new update. The update is targeted at the game’s World Tour Element. Players can savor the Miami view and more recently cruise through Seoul in South Korea.

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