Download Skype and WhatsApp – The Battle between Free IMs

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The multitude of IMs in today’s world has almost led to the extinction of the SMS services.

Gone are the days when you would buy a mobile plan based on the number of free SMSs bundled for you to use. Today, most people exchange text messages through Instant Messengers or IMs on their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Two leading IMs that are popular amongst users globally are Skype and WhatsApp. This wide variety of options with similar seeming features may lead to a lot of confusion for the users. If you are confused about which IM to go for, here is a quick guide that can help you make up your mind by understanding the key difference between two leading IMs.

Why Use Skype?

Skype has become popular over the years owing to its video calling feature. However it’s clean and uncluttered GUI or Graphical User Interface, invites its users to use it for instant messaging as well. Your Skype account is linked to your email id. Hence, you can quickly create a new ID on Skype if you do not already have one. The IM is easy to install and operate. It allows you to synchronize contacts from your Facebook account and other email accounts. It is very easy to find other users using their email ids. Skype offers an interactive chatting environment with a variety of emoticons. Some of the emoticons are animated and hence, they add more fizz to the chatting experience. Skype, unlike WhatsApp can be used on tablets and desktops as well. You can exchange pictures, videos, and documents through this IM.

Why Use WhatsApp?

Your WhatsApp account is linked to your mobile phone. Hence, all your mobile contact numbers are automatically synched with your IM. You can create a chat group adding up to 50 people in a chat. Like Skype, WhatsApp allows you to host a display picture along with a status message to share your mood and personality with your contacts. It also offers a wide variety of emoticons that can make your chatting experience more jazzed up. Since WhatsApp is linked to your mobile number, it gives more authenticity to your chats. This service is free to download in its first year. It charges a very marginal fee for its annual renewal second year onwards.

Make up Your Mind

WhatsApp has been predominantly used by mobile phone users for chatting on mobile platform. Since WhatsApp is not available on the desktop as yet, Skype presents a compelling option for IM users on PCs and tablets. Both the IMs offer voice-messaging option. However, you cannot make calls through WhatsApp as yet. Since the user base of WhatsApp is much larger than Skype, it makes sense to stick to WhatsApp for its IM service on mobile. However, with better capabilities and features offered by Skype, people are slowly moving to Skype as a preferred IM on mobile.

It is ok if you are still undecided about your primary IM service on your mobile. The best part about these services is that these are free to download. You can download both and use them to write your own review!

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