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Google continues to keep its promise of giving its users something new and innovative every time.

If you have been using Google Maps then there is more than one reason to cheer, as the all-new updated Google Maps will surprise you by introducing some very useful and neat features. Here is a sneak peak into some of the most exciting features of the updated version of Google Maps.

Find Out the Best Way to Travel

Google Maps is no longer just any other map to guide you through the route. It will now also help you in deciding the best way to reach your destination. Just click on get directions and enter the location where you want to go. You then have to choose the option of choosing to go to your location by car, public transport, walking or riding a bike. Every option will also show you the time it will take you to reach there.

Beautiful Imagery to Guide You

This is one of the best features offered by Google. If you are new to a place and cannot decide on a good tourist place, do not fret. Google now offers you the option to view the images of some places before you can visit them. You can look for the images in the info card below the search box once you type your destination. Alternately, you can click on the destination on the Google Maps and enjoy the 3D view of the place from the carousel placed at the bottom of the screen. The carousel collects all the images of Google Maps like street view, user submitted photos and photo tours. With Google Maps, taking a virtual tour can now help you decide if you should visit the place or choose some other location.

Explore the City with Pegman

Google Maps has made it even easier to reach to your destination with Pegman. Pegman is located on the lower right corner of the screen. It gives the street layout of the city highlighted in blue once you click on it. It also allows you to see all the places in your city that have their imagery on the Google Maps. Through this feature, you can get 360-degree photo taken from land, air, and sea. Have you ever been stuck at a cross road when you do not know if you are taking the correct turn? Just click on the pegman, view the photo of the street, and see if you are taking the right turn as per the map.

Make the Right Choice

Google Maps now allows you to choose your preferred location by suggesting you some good places based on what you are looking for. Just type restaurant or coffee shop and Google Maps will show all the restaurants or coffee shops in your vicinity. Click on a restaurant name and now you can see the ratings and reviews before you head out for dinner.

Google Maps has always helped millions of people navigate around the world with ease. The new features will now not only help you but also make the searches more exciting and fun. Download Google Maps now and head out to explore the city without worrying about getting lost.

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