Download Google Chrome – Make a Switch for Stress Free Browsing

If your browser keeps crashing while surfing on the internet, it can be a very harrowing experience for you.

Do not think that once you download a web browser on your PC you are stuck to it for a lifetime. You have the option of changing your browser to get the best offering in the market. Currently most users prefer to use Google Chrome as their browser as it offers them several advanced features and flexibilities to old web browsers like Internet Explorer. You can choose to make a switch to Google Chrome that is more popular and discontinue using your old browser. If you are still confused, refer to the below points before taking your final call regarding your switch.

Why to Switch to Google Chrome?

The simple GUI of Google Chrome allows the user to function in a clutter free environment. Its modern looks and features are more acceptable in the contemporary setting. This lightweight browser is packed with several extensions as well as add-on options for the users. Owing to its high performance level, it is a favorite amongst users and experts alike. This web browser from Google’s den regularly launches new updates to maintain its leadership position in the market.

Some Compelling Features

Google Chrome offers some compelling features that are continually alluring users to make the switch to this fabulous web-browsing platform. Google has been a frontrunner in introducing innovative features. Its web browser Chrome is no different. Its innovative features set new trends that are later copied by other browsers. A task manager dedicated to the browser gives the user access to information regarding the memory space taken by each tab or plug-in. Since every process runs independently on a separate tab in the Google Chrome window, crashing of one process does not affect the functioning of the other. The search bar of Chrome also doubles up as the address bar. This makes the screen look cleaner and clutter free.

How to Switch to Google Chrome?

You can simple download the browser from the official site within 30 seconds or so. Upon acceptance of the fine print of the browser, you need to agree on its terms and allow for the installation process to initiate. Now the User Account Control or UAC will prompt you to download Chrome. You can choose the option to download bookmarks and other settings from your previous browser. You need to log in through your Google ID. This will ensure synchronization of your browser settings and data with your ID. You can even alter the settings of your browser to decide on how you want it to behave upon launch. It is a good idea to learn shortcuts that can help you adapt faster to the new browser on your PC or laptop.

This simple guide not only shares compelling reasons to shift to Google Chrome but also assists with information that can help you in making the shift. If you are still not sure about switching to Chrome, download it for free and try it out to see the difference for yourself.

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