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Do you remember the time when people would limit the number of minutes they talk on the phone when making international calls?

Those days are long gone, and now we can make any call across to the other side of the globe at absolutely no cost, thanks to smartphones and the Internet. Most people even no longer have landlines in their homes because we have found out that having Wi-Fi coupled with Wi-Fi-ready devices is a more convenient avenue for communications, especially if we are planning to make lots of calls overseas.

If you want to be updated on the latest, newest and most popular communication applications that mobile app developers have created so far, here is a list of the ones that have enjoyed the most usage all over the world.


Of course we all know Skype. It has penetrated the whole communications scene so thoroughly that now it is being used in businesses for video conferencing, in the education sector for online lessons and tutorials, and in those casual what’s-up sessions with friends and loved ones.

Skype is available for download on your computer and mobile device, so you can simply choose which platform you prefer. There are comments, however, that Skype on mobile is too heavy and often lags. But if you have plenty of disk space, it should work perfectly fine for you.

Kakao Talk

K-Pop is invading the world today and is influencing not only the kind of music that we listen to or the kind of series that we watch on TV but even the way we dress and the gadgets or applications that we use.

Kakao Talk is known for its seemingly endless options for emoticons, unlimited calls, and highly customizable interface, to name only a few. This is a cute communication application that will allow users even to get connected to Korean celebrities, such as boy groups. The biggest appeal so far, however, is that Korean celebrities and just about every Korean idol that exists on planet Earth uses this application to get in touch with friends. So it is considered by many as cool and hip.


Viber is known for its being a communication application that emulates the total phone experience, so using it, you would feel as if you were not communicating through Wi-Fi but simply by the traditional way phones are used.

Many prefer to use Viber because of its simplicity and straightforwardness. If you want to send a message or send a call, chances are you are not going to get lost in a maze of cute graphics or email choices, making it quite the opposite of Kakao.
The downside of using Viber, however, is that it can get a bit boring, with colors, designs, and even notification sounds all the same. Users do not have the option of tweaking the appearance to make it reflect their personality or preferences. But perhaps only the female population gets bothered by this fact about Viber.

If you are the kind of person who would like something straightforward and no-nonsense, this is probably the best communication app for you.

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