Download Free Angry Birds and Find out How to Unlock Your Way to Special Treats

Are you angry with your Angry Birds just because you always seem to get stuck with certain game objectives or levels and can’t get the prizes and special awards that all your other friends get?

Well, do not despair. Angry Birds, just like any other game, always has a way to get the prize, to get past every level, no matter how challenging it may seem to you. The thing about game development is that people do not create games that people will not be able to succeed in, otherwise the game is not going to be a success. You know why? This is because when nobody is able to get through the game, people will eventually drop it and not play it anymore.

So, if you are feeling frustrated with the game at this point, just remember that there is a way to get through that level you are stuck in. if you try hard enough, you will eventually figure it out yourself. But if you can no longer contain your excitement, here are some ways you can unlock your way to getting through the prizes some of the objectives that you are eyeing.

How to Unlock Angry Birds Addict

Want to be a certified Angry Birds fanatic? You can get your special Angry Birds Addict award if you have played Angry Birds for a total of 30 hours. It can sound like a lot of time. And in fact it really is. But if you love the game, you will hardly notice the time passing.

Also, take note that this is not 30 hours straight of playing. So you don’t have to worry about having to skip everything that you have to do for almost 2 days.

How to Unlock Backward Compatibility

If you love Angry Birds, you will eventually figure out how to do things in the game that are a little unconventional. This is an award for players who have a knack at doing things the untraditional way.
You will get this award by shooting a total of 10 birds in the wrong direction. This is not an easy thing to do. But with enough practice, you will be able to eventually shoot the total number of birds that you need.

How to Unlock the Bird Slinger Award

You will be able to get the Bird Slinger award when you are able to shoot 5,000 birds in all. I know that sounds like a lot of birds. But they don’t call it a Bird Slinger award for nothing.

Don’t worry, you can take all the time that you need for this one. You may go through as many levels as you need to in order for you to get the total number. Just remember to have fun in the process and try not to be too preoccupied with the number, or you’ll miss the point in the game altogether.

How to Become a Score Addict

Addicted to getting as much score as you can? Well, you may as well have a specific goal and put that to good use. If you get pretty good at the game, it would not be too much to try and garner as much score as you can.

To become a Score Addict, you need at least 3,900,000 points in total. That is a really huge number. But don’t worry, you’ll get there. Just keep shooting those birds and have fun in the process.

How to Become a Star Gatherer

In the world of Angry Birds, a Star Gatherer is a little bit higher in rank compared to a Star Collector. The latter needs only to have collected 750 stars. Star Gatherers need a total of 1,500.

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