Download Candy Crush Saga for Free – Is it a Sugar Coated Bomb?

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While some people who find the Candy Crush Saga game addictive, have fallen in love with it, many others have started hating the game for the same reason.

The sugary sweet visuals, background score and reassuring sweet voice-over are overtly alluring to get a new gamer to get hooked on to the game. But with the increasing levels of complexity and the controversial monetization of the game, the simple puzzle seems to be a sweet trap. If you are undecided on which camp of users you belong to, read through the below review to make up your mind.

Why Love the Game?

The game is simple and easy to understand for new players. It does not have intimidating visuals or game play. Its soft delicious visuals invite the new users to match candies to score more and move higher on the sugar trail. The game offers a simple story plot that makes it endearing. The variety of candies in different colors may give you a sugar rush. The amazing feeling when you match four or five candies is heavenly. The game can help you kill time when you have nothing else to do. If you are waiting for a doctor’s appointment or traveling by train, keep your spirits up with this delectable delight. The game has over 500 levels and new levels are being added as we speak. This offers the users an amazing variety to relish.

Why Hate the Game?

Though the game looks inviting due to its simplicity, it can be addictive for the same reason. It get complex as you play more levels. The downside of the game is that you have limited lives. It is very easy to loose your lives. Once you do, you cannot play the game unless you pay from your pockets or wait for sometime to play again. You also have the choice of inviting your Facebook friends to play the game. This would enable you to continue playing further. However, you may end up spamming your friends’ mailboxes, as you get more and more addictive to the game. Your addiction to the game may take away hours form your family time as well decrease your work productivity.

How Do You Learn to Live with the Game?

Let us face it. The game is designed well to keep you entertained for hours. It is however in your control whether you choose to play it only for fun or play the game with vengeance to get addicted to it. Though the game has a downside of limited lives, you can easily overcome this by changing the system date on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also refer to the cheat guides and other tips by advanced gamers, which can help you find your way around the difficult levels and enjoy the bliss of scoring high scores in the game. Enjoy the best of the game and continue basking in this sweet saga! Share your scores with your friends and remember that if you cannot beat them, join them!

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