Clash of Clans – Tips for Boosting Resources in This Free Download

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Clash of Clans can be a really addictive game, if you play it right.

Who wouldn’t like to assert brute force on unknown assailants? That is exactly what Clash of Clans lets you do. However, to be able to assert your brute force, you first have to make sure you have your resources in place. It’s your resources that would help you upgrade your defenses and attacks, and improve your overall game strategy. Here are some simple tips for you to boost your resource gathering.

Be Patient

All your resource buildings should take place in a specific time frame. This means, you may have to wait a while before you have enough resources to erect a new structure or upgrade an existing one. You need increasing supplies for both mana and gold, so make sure you pay attention to both. It is important to erect as many mines and mana collectors as possible. Also, keep upgrading your gold and mana storage to make sure you have enough space to store everything you mine. With patience, you will be able to have enough to get you rolling.

Focus on Achievements and Tasks

There is a small tab on your left that shows you your achievements and tasks. These are small tasks that you should perform to get more resources. Every time you finish a task, you are rewarded with XP and gems – both of which are important for you. The greater your XP is, the more you can build and create. Your gems will also help you a great deal in speeding up some of the urgently needed processes. You should also focus on the achievements – the more trophies you have from fighting and winning battles the more gems you will be able to earn.

Plan Your Attacks

You can win a lot of resources by attacking others. When you are looking for a battle, always look for a village that has a weak defense, and which has a town hall level higher than you do. When you attack a player with a higher-level town hall, you are able to get more mana and gold from them. Look for players that have not fortified their villages well and reach out for resources that are beyond the reach of cannons, archers, and air defenses. This would ensure that you get the maximum loot with minimum effort.

Use Your Clan Castle When You Can

The Clan Castle is a very important weapon in your arsenal. You can request troops from your clan when you have upgraded your castle to level 2. Once that is done, you are able to simply request troops whenever you want to attack an enemy’s barbarian king or queen. Using your clan strategically can help you win many a battles and plunder a lot of resources. An easy way to always have help at bay is to donate every time someone asks for help. The more you donate, the more likely you are to receive help when you need it.

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