Clash of Clans Free Download – Your Way to Faster and Bigger Wins

Clash of Clans offers simple but addictive mechanics in a casual game that represents Scottish aggression and warfare.

The game has become insanely addictive, so here we offer all you avid gamers out there some of the top tips to make your camp so tough that it cannot be broken in. You’ll soon be rolling in gold and moving up in the leaderboards.

Patience is the Key

Keep your precious gems for something really important. Build up the gem quantity by completing all the missions and successfully going through all the obstacles on the way. Don’t use gems for merely a building that is only available for a short time or a builder’s hut and so on. Instead, wait to spend those hard-earned gems for something that is a lot more than merely a convenience. The tutorial sessions give you a lot of ideas for spending your gems, but don’t listen to these. Think patiently over how to spend the gems or before making a big purchase, as it can be really difficult to get through this competitive game without paying a cent.

Offense vs Defense

You might want to merely relax and collect your resources or you might like to take an attacking stance with other players. This will surely affect your upgrades and the build order and it is suggested that you maintain a good balance between the two courses. Those of you who wish to adopt defense as their primary strategy, can build the town hall, walls, and then other defensive structures, such as archer towers and cannons and so on. Next, go on to other resource buildings and upgrade them. You could also leave some mines outside your walls, so that you can protect your buildings when other players farm them. Playing defensively does not mean that you can neglect the barracks.

If you want to be offensive, you will still have to first build the town hall, improve your production and pile up your resources. Upgrade the camps and the barracks and start building your army. All these structures can be planted outside the walls. You can then install walls as well as cannons. Next, build the laboratory and the spell factory to increase your firepower and start the gold mines. Pick your fights carefully, as it is a good idea to first play against lower level gamers.

A Safety Time

If you are attacked and if most of your town gets destroyed, you still have a twelve-hour shield. Make the best use of this time, but don’t attack immediately, as you shield time will get cancelled. Try to think of ways of improving the economy, such as building the upgrade towers or spend resources.

Knowing the Layout

Have many walls with a minimum of gaps to protect your resources. Structures should be tight for better covering by cannons. This results in slowing down the enemy’s advance. Keep your strongest defense nearer the center of the base and create a buffer zone with the help of builds or walls, so that the troops attacking your base will first have to go through these before they get to your guns.

Selecting Targets

Before you start dropping your troops, observe the level of the target’s town hall. If it is much lower than yours, you will not reap much of the spoils. See that you are able to get at least as much as you spend on your troops, and in this case sending a few goblins is better than making a full fledged attack.

Clash of Clans is a casual game, but it is surprisingly deep and requires these and other strategies to remain on top of the game.

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