Apple TV vs Roku 3 – Comparing and Finding the Right Media Box for You

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Choosing internet media over traditional cable channels is now becoming the norm.

Consumers find it more appealing because of the sheer number of channels available, ease of access, quality and convenience. The two most popular players available are Apple TV and the Roku 3 player. Ever since their launch, the debate over Apple TV vs Roku 3 has been going on for a while. If you like to keep things simple and know the point precisely, here it is. If you are completely living within the Apple ecosystem using iPhone, iPad and a Mac, then Apple TV is the way to go. It will provide better convenience and support for people who already own iOS devices. The Roku 3 is for all others and for those who prefer more number of channels to browse through. The quality of channels offered by Apple is high though and they recently subscribed to HBO Go that puts them on a par with the competition that Roku offers.

Apple TV for Apple Ecosystem

Apple TV used to be a step behind in the past because of the number of channels available on the device. Things have changed now because the device now has all major subscriptions including Netflix, Hulu Plus, You Tube, MLB. TV and the latest addition is HBO Go. The product is fully compatible with iTunes which allows you to enjoy movies and music purchased on the platform. The content purchased on iTunes will be available for streaming anytime as they are stored on the cloud. Despite all the amazing features, the Apple TV still lacks Amazon Instant that is an important service. The best feature it offers is the Air Play which allows users to directly share content from Apple devices including iPad or an iPhone on their television.

Roku 3 – Best Cross Platform

Roku, on the other hand offers a huge list of channels. The list is so big that most users end up watching very few of them but the collection is still massive. It can easily be compared to an Android app store versus the iOS app store. Some of the popular offerings include HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and Amazon Instant among many others. Besides the major ones, the company always keeps adding new ones from time to time. The device also supports select game titles which makes use of the motion sensor control. The huge list of channels make it easy to find a movie or any content by using the search bar. It will automatically search to find what you need and notify you on the platform that it is available.

While the debate on Apple TV vs Roku 3 continues, the end user experience is all that matters. If you find yourself comfortable using it and getting all the content that you need, then it is the box that suits your media consumption style. The subscription charges are separate for Hulu Plus, HBO Go among other services. There may be some compatibility issues as well. Explore your options and choose your right fit.

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